Abstinence In Pop Culture

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Christianity runs deeply throughout the veins of America’s oldest traditions, whether Americans themselves realize it or not. Christianity can be seen in courtship and the wedding ceremony, but one of the more obscure traditions that Christianity had a say in is childbirth. It was said long ago, menstruation, pregnancy and the pain of childbirth are the punishment for Eve’s Original Sin. Modernly, this explanation is not so much as established as it was before. Now, pregnancy is looked upon as a beautiful and magical thing. My father is a family practice doctor, so there is a lot he can say about where childbirth is and where it is going. He also happens to be a lifelong devout Catholic. He grew up on a farm to two Catholic parents and has…show more content…
In Christianity, God and the church must be present in romantic love. In fact, many Christians require that their relationship be between the two of them and God, as if all three are equally involved in the relationship. Abstinence is talked about in pop culture constantly, making it clear that abstinence is not only discussed within the church but also extends to the secular world. Today, many nonreligious couples abstain from sex until they’re married purely for reason for the authenticity and lack of comparison to other romantic partners. Another common problem many have with the Catholic church is in regards to birth control, which plays a big part in childbirth, since without the conception of a child, childbirth cannot occur. To quote my father, “birth control is never mentioned in the Bible. The Pope recently softened his and to some degree the Church 's position on birth control. At one time the Catholic church was completely against birth control of any kind. This change of heart was primarily because of the modern times, and many Catholics were using some form of birth control
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