Abstinence Reflection

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Throughout the whole course of this abstinence experience, I failed and succeeded many times. Although I failed most times, what I learned from this abstinence experience is how to control myself. Also, I learned that I can overcome most of my addictions if I try hard enough and put my mind to it. I feel that this abstinence experiment has showed me that I can truly control myself, even though it may be hard. What influenced me the most while trying out this abstinence experiment was that I had a goal set at the end of this whole journey. It made me look forward to something and having a set goal really gave me much influence. The process for me was hard at first, but became easier as I got used to it. I failed multiple times with trying to…show more content…
Dealing with these type of addictions takes time and patience. I can’t be hard on myself in the beginning, but a little pushing is needed in order to get the results I want. I feel that having that reward I set at the end of this experiment is really motivating me to control and hold myself back from my addictions. For my chocolate addiction, it was really hard for me to quit eating chocolate. I try not to eat a lot of chocolate to watch out for my health, but if I get my hands on a stack or bar of chocolate, its will be hard for put it down. This abstinence experiment has really helped me out in stopping my chocolate addiction and controlling how much I eat. Also, it will really benefit me in aiding me to watch out for my health and keep a diet that is fit for me. Now trying to stop biting my nails was a little tricky, since it wasn’t like a food that I purchase or not, it is attached to me. My nail biting addiction has been an addiction and nasty habit for me for many years. Nail biting for me is a way that I cope with my anxiety and stress, so it just became a thing I do without even thinking or realizing what I am
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