Abstinence Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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When you hear the phrase “teenage sex” used, you would probably assume the worst. The things that come to mind are young pregnancies and STDs. But, in some people’s perfect world, teens would just choose abstinence and none of this would happen. In another point of view, they would learn about safe sex no matter what, and this would be a rare problem. So should sexual abstinence be the main focus of sex education classes? If teens choose abstinence anyway, there’s still absolutely no reason for them to not know methods of birth control and STD prevention, right? Some may say no, but the safety hazards, things that teens know even if they choose abstinence, and proven facts for both sides will change their views on the issue. First up, safety hazards. Some would argue that there really aren’t safety hazards, if teens are taught to abstain, they will also be taught that…show more content…
Some might say that if they’re taught abstinence, they’ll just not question it and follow that direction. This side also uses the point that teens should wait until marriage, because that is the most responsible thing to do. In reality, even if they’re told to abstain, only 3% of surveyed Americans actually wait until marriage, according to statisticbrain.com. Of those few, they still need to know about safe and protected sex, but it’s even more important for the other 97% of people. First, teens need to be able to comprehend how to have safe sex, even if they are not having sex at all, said Sara Israelsen-Hartley. Understanding contraceptives and prevention of STDs is important, even if that skill won’t be used for a long time. Next, related to the prior point, Stanford Children’s Health stated that it is important to get the facts about safe sex early, so that false information isn’t planted in people’s minds after the time that they should have been taught the actual
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