Abstinency Goal 1 Examples

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Goal 1: Justice will improve his interpersonal functioning and work toward abstinence. • Justice was observed playing the video game when the QP arrived for the session. • Justice reported he smokes “6 or 7 cigarettes per day.” • Justice listened as the QP shared research indicates the ages between 12–25 is a critical time of brain development; therefore, it is essential to protect it from alcohol and drugs during his crucial writing period because important connections are being made that link brain areas together, helping us become smarter and make better decisions. • Justice viewed his drug screening results since he has started treatment and observed where he has been decreasing his marijuana use each week. • Justice acknowledged he is…show more content…
Goal 2: Justice will prevent an out-of-home placement. • Justice showed the QP the shows he got that he will be wearing to school when he returns on next week. • Justice informed the QP he would like to have cell phone when returning to school; however, the QP shared if Justice wants a free phone he will have to go downtown and seek getting a government issued phone with his mother’s permission. • Justice acknowledged he has received 2 $25-dollar gift cards and 1 35 gift card which totals to $85 dollars and he has the potential to earn from $100 to $140 a month. • Justice reported his mother used one gift card to purchase food and the other 2 gift cards have been used ordering Chinese food and pizza which he needs to stop doing. • Justice stated there is food in their house, but they don’t get to eat out often, so they have been doing each time he gets a gift card. • Justice commented he did not want to use his entire gift card to pay his phone bill each month; however, the QP shared he should only have to use one $35-dollar gift card if he gets a basic

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