Abstract Art Comparison Essay

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By studying art a person interprets the world better and has a wider perspective on it. It is apparent that art is an expression of ones personality. Because of its originality and wide interpretation, there is not just one type of art. Two popular types of art, abstract and representational, differ in origination, identification, and styles. Because it has been around longer and it has better identification and style, representational art is the better of the two.
First discovered at the end of the 19th century, abstract art first originated in the French artist Cézanne. His thoughts proposed that abstract art represented the reality of the world (Kunzlé). From that representation people must identify abstract art from what they perceive.
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For example, a piece of abstract art can have ridged lines and warm vibrant colors. The ridged lines may be representing anger in the artists painting, but the warm colors give the viewer a different opinion. This is why the colors and shapes also help to define the different styles that are encompassed in abstract art. One style is curvilinear. When abstract art relates to this type of style, the motifs employed are interlaced patterns, spirals, and knots. Another style related to abstract art is geometric. This geometric style depicts the illusion of spatial depth in a piece of artwork. This allows the viewer to focus on the 2-D aspects of the art (Abstract).
On the contrary, most ancient art is representational art and it originated as far back as the Stone Age. Although abstract art is more popular today, representational art goes much farther back in history. Representational art has a long tradition in most world cultures. To depict a piece of representational art is easy. This art represents
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