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In this paper, I am going compare and contrast two different abstract artworks from two different art movements. Abstract art is non-figurative, non-objective art. After the 19th century, the artists started expressing their feeling in the different way, which was in the form of abstract art. Artist felt that the society and technology have developed so, they had to create new things. The two abstract art I am going compare and contrast is expressionism and surrealism. And the two artworks are Number 1 by Pollock Jackson from expressionism and Mama, Papa is wounded! By Yves Tanguy from surrealism. I chose these artworks because these were the most influence artwork in those movements
Number 1 was painted in 1950. This painting is made on oils,
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Pollock was living in the suburbs of New York, where he had rented a house, he got the inspiration from the eelgrass marshes and gorgeous watery light, which were surrounding his house. Whereas, Tanguy’s most inspiration was his own family, where his brother was killed in the World War 1 and the painting also depicts his suffering during that period of time.
In Number 1, Pollock dripped, poured and flung pigment from packed brushes and sticks while walking around it. He claimed that this technique allowed him to paint from all angles and sides on the canvas and he could explore revolutionary angles or things of the painting. In Mama Papa wounded, Tanguy used brushes for painting this painting. He used the line when making the strings in the painting. His painting looks three dimensional, few examples are the flying things, cactus and few other
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To be honest, I personally did not understand the message he trying to convey. I understood the different feeling through the colors, but I get what he want to convey. In the painting Mama Papa wounded, I think there is only one living organism which is the cactus. Cactus represent the desert life, like in deserts we find cactus and there is only one cactus so, I think it represents loneliness. The stick in the painting shows the harsh feeling because it has spokes which could hurt other so, I think it depicts the arms in today 's life. Even the position of the different things in the painting represent lonely
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