Abstract Expressionism: Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko And Jackson Pollock

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About the presentation, I 'm talking about contrast on field painting and abstract expressionism. And the symbol painter about both painting style. Which is Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock and there representative painting. And talks about the relationship between CIA and painters. Also have some benefits and some disadvantages. Which is Barrett 's "stations of the cross", is a painting that have 14 series and expose very strong religious, because Barnett believe a judaism, and he grew up in a religious family. So his paintings are full of religious and looks like kind of blue and gloomy. He is not as famous as other two person in the early life. Therefore he get very depression. About that painting, it shows a very balance and harmony, it belongs to colored filed painting and abstract expressionism. About that almost color filed is just use few color and separate those color into two or three part, it shows very simple looks like, but it has very big maiming, just like live and die. Those two totally contrary things. It features the first full incarnation of what he later called a "zip," a vertical band of color. This motif would play a central role in many of his subsequent paintings. The painting 's title is an archaic derivation of the word "atonement," meaning, "the state of being made into one." For Newman, this unevenly painted zip on a flat field of color does not divide the canvas; rather, it merges both sides, drawing in the audience to intensely

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