Advantages And Disadvantages Of Expressionism

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About the presentation, I 'm talking about contrast on field painting and abstract expressionism. And the symbol painter about both painting style. Which is Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock and there representative painting. And talks about the relationship between CIA and painters. Also have some benefits and some disadvantages.

Which is Barrett 's "stations of the cross", is a painting that have 14 series and expose very strong religious, because Barnett believe a judaism, and he grew up in a religious family. So his paintings are full of religious and looks like kind of blue and gloomy. He is not as famous as other two person in the early life. Therefore he get very depression. About that painting, it shows a very balance
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Since American is have some policy conflict with USSA, and America government just house some painting to counter them. They chose some painter who do not have fame at that time, and also coordinated with the painting style that American government think it can as a policy weapon to attack USSA, and then, they spend a lot of money and energy to let this painter so famous that have very strong influence to defend American people and government. Those people is called patronage, and a advantage of this is a very effective way to make a conflict about the other country. Moreover, it is away that also can develop art, and do not have some serious questions to bring to the country. And also can encourage and promote the art development. But it also have some disadvantages, like it will cause some other painter that already have some fame get not fair. The very property example is Jackson pollock, the reason why he can get a lot of fame, one of the most important reason is that his painting be sale extremely high price, can be called the most expensive painting in the world. But at first, abstract expressionism is not popular, people even do not know about that. It also because government spend a lot of money to purchase this, and let abstract expressionism get famous. Thus the government can use that as a policy weapon, that use pollock 's painting as a weapon, and is not as obvious as other types of weapon, that can not only achieve there goal, but also become a critical thinking of everyone. Especially for Pollock drip painting, be explicitly as a policy weapon in
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