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Abstract The gender recognition from face images has many applications in visual surveillance, human-computer interaction systems, content-based searching, biometrics, demographic,targeted advertising and personalized services in a large number of businesses. A gender classification approach can enhance the performance of many other applications such as face recognition and smart human-computer interfaces. The face is a prominent biometric feature of human beings. It can convey various information including gender, age and ethnicity, in addition to identity. Although significant work has been done on automatic gender recognition, the current systems are still not close to the human perceptual system due to appearance variations viz. lighting, expression, illumination, face pose, scale and aging. The innovative approach for gender recognition from face images is proposed to overcome the problem of illumination and expression. The system can detect the faces from input images given. Hence the objective of this proposed system is to classify the gender of a person in an unconstrained environment. To identify a person as male or female is an easy task for human to identify but it is very challenging for a machine. In order to achieve improved recognition rate, the face image can be categorized by…show more content…
In HCI based face image analysis, face image consists of large information and the analysis of face image can provide many cues for various purposes. The scope of face image analysis includes not only face recognition, facial expression recognition, but also gender determination, age estimation etc., The face image analysis consists of four modules such as face localization, feature extraction, dimensionality reduction and decision making based on feature-dependent analysis. The decision can be made toward gender determination and age

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