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Celebrity endorsement is a one of the most popular tool of advertising in recent time. Basically it is a marketing communication used to persuade an audience to take and some action, and Advertisement celebrities become an essence in modern competitive marketing environment for high creation of strongly product perception. Celebrity endorsement is the main focus of the study where celebrities with their attributes are used for their endorsement influence on purchase decision. Firms are making vast investments in hiring celebrities for positioning of brands by making organizations with endorser qualities such as trustworthiness, appearance,expertise and congruity. In the study consumer celebrity relationship is confirms that attributes
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And a large amount invest on celebrity endorsement contracts. Celebrities play an important role for the advertising to promote the products (Daneshvary & Schwer, 2000; Kambitsis et al. 2002; Mistry, 2006). The communication technologies has increased the number of celebrities. (McCracken 1989, p.310). Advertisement is the process of purchasing promotion. The effect of advertisements on consumers with celebrity spokespersons are greater than influence with non-celebrities (Atkin& Block, 1983). The impact of celebrity credibility on the consumer perception to purchase shows that only the “expertise” has impact on consumer’s purchase intention. The people likes favorite celebrity when they saw them as experts in the some product advertisement with good physical…show more content…
The product is sometimes forgotten and too much focus is on the celebrity, while the focus should be on the product. Today, companies spend crores of rupees each year for endorsing their product by celebrities. It is always a greater challenge for marketers to determine the meaning of consumer associated with the brand in order to select the right celebrity and to build right brand for celebrity endorsement concept. Therefore, it is essential that company make use of too many process. This type of marketing strategy has become popular but it involves certain risks. Some of the serious risks which are associated with celebrity endorsement on brand building which are not yet addressed by any of the earlier studies are, the reputation of the celebrity may derogate after he/she has endorsed the product, inconsistency in the professional popularity of the celebrity, multi brand endorsements by the same celebrity would lead to overexposure, celebrities endorsing one brand and using another(competitor), mismatch between the celebrity and the image of the brand needs to address thoroughly on it. All these aspects are proposed to be studied in the present work.

Research Questions:-
The primary Research Question for this study is as
“Impact Of Celebrity Endorsements On Consumer Purchase Intention”
To effectively answer this Research Question, this Research

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