Research Paper On Carbon Sequestration

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Carbon sequestration
Abstract: Carbon containing in atmosphere is increasing in day by day because anthropogenic activity. It is normal range 0.035% in atmosphere. In future period it will become huge problem for world. For overcoming this problem carbon sequestration is very good phenomena. Development technologies to reduce the rate of atmospheric carbon concentration. Three options to reduce atmospheric CO2 Reduction global use of energy, no carbon fuel, sequestering emission of CO2. It is important phenomena by which using we can stored atmospheric CO2. In this there are two main different types of processes like biotic and abiotic. Temperate, Terrestrial, ocean, and Agricultural hilly region has
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These are help in do not emission CO2 in atmosphere covering of all terrestrial land. it help to naturally CO2 sequestration (Garcia-Franco, Wiesmeier, Goberna, Martínez-Mena, & Albaladejo,…show more content…
One type of sequestration is the long-term storage of carbon in plants and trees; it is called as terrestrial sequestration. From the atmosphere, removed CO2 is either stored in plants in the form of biomass or in oceans. Sequestering carbon helps to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Terrestrial sequestration play in reducing the growth of CO2 emission(Silver, Ostertag, & Lugo, 2000).The fossil fuel combustion increased by 40%1980 and 2000. Today the percentage of CO2 in atmosphere remained the same over this period because the excess CO2 librated is being removed by oceans, soils, forest and other natural ecosystem(R. F. Keeling, Manning, & Dubey, 2011). Carbon sequestration may be anthropogenically or natural driven process. The objective of anthropogenically Driven carbon sequestration to balance the global carbon in such way that to maintain normal range of carbon will future. Such technologies require sequestering almost all anthropogenically generated CO2 through safe, environmentally acceptable and stable with low risk of leakages (Stephens & Keith, 2008). There are different technologies for sequestration of CO2 (fig-1). All these technologies are important for future development. These technologies are can be

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