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ABSTRACT: Water level control is highly important due to its applications in domestic areas (E.g.: overhead tank) and industrial areas (E.g.: Petrochemical industries). This project’s main purpose is to design and simulate the water level controller using Fuzzy Logic in MATLAB. In our project, Fuzzy logic controller is based on MAMDANI type inference system and the design was implemented using Fuzzy logic toolbox and Simulink. Fuzzy logic controller has two inputs i.e. level and rate of change of error and one output i.e. valve position. During analysis, the controller was simulated using rules specified in the rule editor of Fuzzy logic toolbox. This method is used analyse the behaviour of the tank system and also to realize that it gives faster response. INTRODUCTION: Water level controller is used to control the flow of water (or liquids) in many applications like refineries, reservoir’s, nuclear power plants etc., Here, the final control element is a valve whose input is given from the controller whose aim is to maintain the desired set point value and to accept the new value (error signal from the feedback). Water level controller is a very complex system due to the non-linearity’s and uncertainties of the system. Conventional methods like using PI, PD, PID doesn’t provide efficient results due to the following difficulties. 1) Difficulty in the design of mathematical model for the control system. 2) Controller’s performance is not efficient. To overcome

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