Abu H Murray Analysis

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Abdu H Murray wrote a book on the Grand Central Question, which is answering critical concerns on major worldviews. Every religion and worldview seek to answer the fundamental questions of human existence. Murray digs deeper into three major worldviews and compares them to the central message of Christianity. The three representative are as followed: Secular humanism focuses on: What is the inherent value of human beings, Pantheism emphasizes: How do we escape suffering, and Islam 's main concern is: How is God great? Chapters 2-4 talk about the first representative, secular humanism. “humanity has dignity, value, and purpose”(Murray 45) which makes the question a matter of "how" and “why” is this true. The source of human dignity is what puts…show more content…
For the humanist who truly wants to find the source that grounds her affirmation that we are invested with intrinsic value and purpose, the fact that God serves as that grounding brings her home. It brings her to true humanism” (104).
If there were no objective to morality then that would mean that we would have to redefine purpose. There is no moral value without God. To be objective, moral values must be transcendent. The answer to the question of secular humanists is found by the One who dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.
A pantheistic worldview is talked about in chapters 5-6 on how humans can escape suffering. Pantheism argues that the cause of pain and suffering is within humans, yet it is from within humanity that the solution lies. Murray claims “the idea that our most intense pains and sufferings are just in our heads isn’t mystical or deep—it’s offensive” (142). “Pain and suffering are central to all worldviews, but no worldview puts its God in the midst of pain like the gospel” (135). And “the cross is where we find the Powerful One who took suffering seriously by taking it upon himself so that we would not have to and so that one day we will be totally free”
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