Abuela Invents The Zero

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Tension is created when two people have conflicting ideas/perspectives. This is displayed in the stories “The Elevator,” by William Sleator and “Abuela Invents the Zero,” by Judith Ortiz. Both authors portray how tension is created through the differences of perspective that their character.
In the story , “The Elevator,” by William Sleator the author creates tension by creating different conflicting perspectives between the characters. Martin’s perspective is that his father belittles and insults him. In the story this is displayed where it states, ““Not only are you skinny and weak, his expression seemed to say, but you’re also a coward,” (Sleator; 1). This displays how Martin believes that his father treats him as if he is a wimp. Martin’s father’s perspective, however, is that his son has an irrational fear of an elevator and this he is disappointed in his son. “‘When are you going to to grow up and act like a man? Are you going to be timid all your life?’” (Sleator; 2) This displays how Martin’s Father wishes that his son were a bit more mature and acted less cowardly.
In the story, “Abuela Invents the Zero,” by Judith Ortiz, the author creates tension in the fact that both characters have different goals. Connie’s perspective is
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In “The Elevator” by William Sleator, the ultimate conflict is that Martin and his father don’t have a good relationship because while Martin wants to be accepted by his father rather than being belittled, his father expects more of his son and wishes he were a bit more mature, rather than having an irrational fear of riding on an elevator. In “Abuela Invents the Zero,” by Judith Ortiz, the ultimate conflict is that Connie doesn’t want to be seen with her Abuela in public to avoid embarrassment from her friends while her Abuela just want to be respected rather than the way Connie treated her at their local
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