Abuelito And The Grandmother Theme

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The Abuelito and The Grandfather

The folk-tale “The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson” and the poem “Abuelito Who” are two different pieces that end up having the same storyline and meaning behind it. The overall theme in them is about appreciation for your loved ones and that they should be treated properly and to make sure that they know they are loved by others. With both pieces, there are two characters who are ill-treated or don’t feel loved by some. Both the grandfather and abuelito have their grandchildren by their side showing them love. The stories begin, with both characters sick and mistreated, but towards the end, their grandchildren help others find the love for them and make others realize that they are family and that they should cherish the time they have together. The message shown throughout each story is to love your family and every member in your family no matter what happens to them or you.
In “The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson”, the grandfather is being mistreated by his son and his son’s wife. “His daughter-in-law scolded him” (Tolstoy, 9). This shows how the old man was treated on a daily basis. “His son and his son’s wife no longer allowed him to eat with them at the table” (Tolstoy, 4-5). The son and his wife don’t allow the
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The message that was interpreted was to cherish your loved ones, especially elders. Cherish the time remaining time you have with them and don’t waste it on greed and not showing respect. No matter what they do and what they say, they always love you and you should show the same love back to them. The grandfathers folk tale really shows this message since he was first mistreated and soon, his son and son’s wife realized they were wrong all this time to be treating him the way he was being treated. In the abuelitos poem, the author shows that he is sick and doesn’t feel as if he is loved, but they author makes him feel loved through the words she decides to

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