Abuse In Afghanistan Women Essay

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Register to read the introduction…Tortured. Abused. Sadly this is what women everyday go through in Afghanistan. We think that because we live in the United States, where being born a girl is not a crime, that it does not exist anywhere else in the world. Sadly this is the farthest thing from the truth. After the Nazis took Jews into concentration camps, and brutally abused them we do not think that abuse like that is still going on. Sadly though it goes on every single day.We are so ignorant to the fact that everyday women in Afghanistan go through the greatest level of physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse every single day of their lives. To begin if Afghanistan was still the way it was 80 years ago it may actually be a good country to live in. In 1919 Afghan women were actually allowed to have a say in the government and were allowed to vote. According to Women in Afghanistan: The Back Story, “In 1960 a new constitution…show more content…
Approximately 90% of women who live in Afghanistan experience some form of physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse on a daily basis. One of the worst thing is that the women and girls actually get used to the abuse. To them it is a pattern. It is what they are use to. Women and girls are being forced to be married with no choice. Usually the marriage is arranged by the dad, and if the daughter does not comply she will get in major trouble.Some women are being forced to be married as young as eight years old. If the men get arrested they can put the blame on the wife and not be charged for their crime. A man who was arrested for beating his wife lied in court and got away with it. He said that his wife was being disrespectful to his mom, dad, and sister so that is why he beat her and he actually got away with it. I am still shocked this much pain and suffering went around in the world. (Afghanistan: No country for
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