Abuse In Draper's Tears Of A Tiger

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The World of High School Tears of a Tiger is about a star basketball player, Robert Washington, who was killed in a fiery car accident. The book would be mainly for young adults that enjoy tragic, dramatic books. I didn’t have adversity finishing this book due to the short chapters and easy reading style. This 162 page book will go by fast owing to the fact that it has a detailed, captivating plot. Tears of a Tiger was published in 1998 and during that year it was awarded the Coretta Scott King Award. Tears of a Tiger is the first of three books in the Hazelwood High Trilogy. The second book is Forged by Fire and it tells the story about two characters, Gerald and Angel, that are victims of abuse and addiction. Darkness Before Dawn, the…show more content…
Throughout the book, Andy goes through many things in life such as his best friend, Robert Washington, dying in a tragic accident. His friend groaned, “Andy! Andy! Help me… Help me … Oh God, please don’t let me die like this! Andy!..” (Draper 12). After that horrible accident happened, Andy dealt with the guilt by blaming himself for the lost of his friend. Draper uses a variety of writing modes. One of these modes was the use of personal essays provided by the characters. One topic asked the characters to describe their most frightening moment; one character responded, “Last week I learned that kids my age could die. That was the most frightening experience I ever had” (Draper 15). That was the beginning of a personal essay that one of the character wrote. Other writing modes Draper used in the book were diary entries, letters, and notes. I enjoyed the variety because it wasn’t just one big passage that just kept going on and on. All the different writing modes were enjoyable because I got to read voice’s of the characters in a variety of writing styles. After reading the book, I think it appeals more towards young teens/adult readers audience. I feel like if any young adult reader would have read Tears of a Tiger, they might have related to them in someway. Tears of a Tiger is basically talking about high school life from the character’s writing personal essays in their English class, then basketball
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