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Relationship abuse is a pattern of coercive and abusive behaviors. Most of the time when abuse goes on during a relationship, it is kept a secret because the victim is afraid of telling. The behaviors that go on are to maintain total control over a spouse or an intimate partner. Relationship is a choice or in other words it’s a learned behavior. Most abusers believe that they can do what they want and get away with it. They also believe that their lives are priorities. People don’t realize that there are many types of abuse in relationships. The types of abuse are; emotional, physical, and economic. (Baran 2015)
Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse in a relationship. Domestic abuse is used for one purpose that purpose is to gain total control
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It’s used to control and subjugate a spouse or intimate partner. Usually an emotional abuser takes into these actions because they have insecurities they haven’t dealt with and even events that took place in their childhood days. Emotional abuse damages your confidence, self -esteem, and independence. This type of abuse can surprisingly be more elusive than physical abuse. It can be taken so far that the victims suffer from depression, anxiety, and post - traumatic stress disorder. (Davenport,2015)
Economic abuse is when your spouse or intimate partner uses money or finances to bully and hurt you. How, elderly and disabled people are the most common targets. They sometimes have physical or mental limitations that also make them an easier target. This type of abuse involves a decrease in self-esteem and decreases the ability to operate independently. (Economic 2015) There are many way to protect yourself from relationship abuse of any kind. Everybody has been told once or twice in their live not to buy into “love is blind”. When people say that they mean that the abuse slowly rears its ugly side over a period of time, and before you realize it you’ve fallen in love with someone who treats you badly. Another very important thing to keep an eye open for is knowing the red flags of relationship abuse and by that it means ask yourself if your spouse or intimate partner is mean to you or if he puts you down

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