Abuse In The Rohingya

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The country of Myanmar has been plastered all over the news in the United States and the entire world recently, with the southeast Asian country being unique among its neighbors having large 1500-kilometer border with the region of south Asia. Which is quite distinct indeed from the peoples and cultures of east and Southeast Asian. However no borders are impermeable and interactions and migrations have occurred through this porous border of mountains and valleys on both sides with there being many groups of east and southeast Asian descent in the north east region of south Asia and parts of regions such as Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and the seven sister states of India. And seeing how Myanmar is the only southeast Asian country with a land border with any south Asian country and its most likely the country with the most recent and pervasive south Asian influence in all of southeast Asia, the Rohingya people are one of the results of their proximity to the south Asian region and have been highlighted as an example of one of the most heavily persecuted minorities in the world.

Attacks on the Rohingya have been organized and extensive, given that at the hands of the police and military of Myanmar, conducted to what the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad
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Hlaing has observed the cruelty while growing up in Rakhine, he said that the Rohingyas are feeling like they are the second-class citizens. Hlaing attended the protest against the government when he was just a teenager, and he said that even though the Rohingyas are being abused by the military, the Myanmar’s Buddhist are also violating them (Gibbens, S., 2017). The Rohingyas are having no justice at all in Myanmar because the government is worried that they will change the tradition and culture of Myanmar, since there are 96% Buddhist and 4% Muslims which are the

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