Abuse In Zoos

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Abuse in Zoos and Circuses

Zoos and Circuses have been around for many years. They provide protection and homes for many animals from around the world. What we do not know is what goes on behind the scenes when the crowds are not there. People of every age come for the entertainment of animals at Zoos and Circuses, but what is not watched is what goes on after the shows are over. In the article “Zoos and Circuses: overview”, it is stated, “Early zoos, aquariums, and circuses obtained their animals from the wild and operated with little understanding of how to care for wild animals in captivity. Animals were regularly malnourished and kept in concrete or stone pens. Large and potentially dangerous animals were handled and controlled with
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Much has changed in today’s society, and people have gained the knowledge on how to take care of animals. But there is still animal abuse that occurs today. In another article it was also correctly stated,”…show more content…
In a article it was stated, “In addition, zoological parks and aquariums have played a role in helping to preserve species that have been driven close to extinction due to habitat loss and hunting” (Point). Taking an endangered animal out of its habitat and putting it in a place where it cannot be harmed will help out that species for a while. The Zoos main part it plays is protection for that endangered species, but what is questioned is the fact that is it actually being protected or is the Zoo causing more harm. In the article, “Zoos and Circuses: Overview”, it is correctly stated,” The birth of the environmental movement in the 1960s and '70s led to the establishment of laws protecting species threatened by extinction, including the 1973 Endangered Species Act (ESA) in the United States. These laws also established guidelines for establishing the conservation status of species and provided federal oversight over the keeping of rare or endangered animals. Thankfully in the seventies there were laws passed for watching over the endangered species. The only fear now is mating an endangered species with a species that is not the same and not having a pure breed of that animal anymore. The main problem for every animal at the Zoo is abuse and improper care for them, no matter if they are endangered or

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