Harmful Use Of Animals In Research

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Over 3 million animals are tortured and killed in science laboratories each year. The

harmful use of animals in experiments is not only cruel but inhumane. A lot of animals have

suffered brutal and painful death in the name of research. Sun (2012) and Jha (2005) found that

around 3 million animals were used annually in experiments. These animals were either killed or

subsequently euthanized. They also assert that animal testing involves the inflicting distress, pain

or even death of animals in the name of medical and academic research. Similarly,

Cochrane(2007) notes that most of the experiments conducted on animals are painful and

sometimes worsen the animal’s quality of life. During the experimentation process the scientists
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However, when we

have already discovered many alternatives to animal testing which can help to relieve animal

suffering, it is cruel to torture them .As animal testing cannot be reliable most of the time, the

danger it can cause to humans cannot be neglected. Hence, it is senseless to continue relying on

animal safety tests to defend human health. Instead, the most reliable and

inexpensive alternative tests is the need of the hour to monitor effectively the new industrial

chemicals and commercial products that endlessly enter the marketplace every year. So in spite

of depending merely on animal research we should utilize the scientific advances made in this

sphere over these last few decades that deliver effective, predictive, human-relevant results. In

short, by stopping animal experimentation and by using the alternative methods we can end the

harm and suffering inflicted on animals and thus benefit human health. As each year billions of

dollars are funded in the animal testing industry, the next time when each one us go to any store

to buy makeup, medication, or even toothpaste, let us make a well-informed judgement
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