Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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In Animal Farm, Orwell shows us many different points and ideas through the characters and plot. One of the major ideas in the story is that power corrupts those who possess it, and Orwell shows us this through the character Napoleon due to his actions and ways of handling problems and the way he forces things to happen or go into effect. Due to those ways he shares many similarities with many different tyrants and dictators, one being Adolf Hitler. The characteristics that brings out the idea is that Napoleon is abusive, manipulative, and selfish. Selfishness is one of the major characteristics that almost all tyrants have. They strive for power for their own reasons and will not stop until they obtain that power. In chapter V of Animal Farm…show more content…
For example, Adolf Hitler had helped Germany’s economy improve and lowered the unemployment rate along with a small increase in food. The statistics say that Germany started at 6 million unemployed people. But as 6 years pass the unemployment rate went to 302 thousand unemployed people. Napoleon does not help the economy grow that much Animal Farm. After he exiled Snowball off of Animal Farm the food supply gets was a little less for the animals than when Mr. Jones was around. Napoleon had kept majority of the food for him and other pigs to eat. This point goes back to how Napoleon was selfish showing that in Animal Farm power does corrupt those who posses it. In the book Animal Farm Orwell shows us that power corrupts those who possess it through the character Napoleon by showing us he is selfish, manipulative, and abusive. Napoleon likes to do things and worry for his own good and not worry that much about his citizens. He likes to use the fear of his citizens to control what they do and do not do. And he makes sure that nobody opposes him by killing those who have attempted to and show the smallest of signs of going against
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