Abuse Of Power In Hamlet

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Shakespeare has written genres everywhere between tragedies and comedies, one of his most well known works, the Tragedy of Hamlet highlights some of his best work. In the Tragedy of Hamlet Shakespeare tells a story of a young prince and his greed to gain revenge against his uncle for the murder of his father. Throughout the story many characters demonstrate power in various ways such as through their emotions and their actions that drive others. Although the character that demonstrates the most power would be the dead King Hamlet, also known as the ghost in the play. King Hamlet drove his son to seek revenge, sparked actions within Denmark with his appearances, caused everyone to die in the end and even though he was just a ghost he showed his power.…show more content…
At the beginning of the play the ghost makes his first appearance to explain to his son why to seek revenge. ¨So art thou, to revenge, when thou shalt hear¨ (I. iv.12). King Hamlet tells Hamlet to seek revenge for his death and proceeds to tell him why. By appearing to Hamlet his father sparks a fire in Hamlet to kill King Claudius and revenge his father. As the play comes to an end Hamlet finally succeeds in getting his revenge against King Claudius. ¨Here, thou incesturous, (murderous, damned Dane,/ Drink off this potion. Is (thy union) here?¨ (IV. ii. 366-367). This quote from the last scene is of Hamlet forcing King Claudius to drink poison. Without the ghost's appearance to Hamlet he wouldn't have have ever known about how his father died and he wouldn't have killed Claudius. As well as driving Hamlet to revenge the ghost’s appearances also drive actions from others in
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