Abuse Of Power In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Humans in this world are essentially evil at its core. Golding shows in his novel that humans are evil. Throughout history humans have showed how they are evil. When people are given power over others they will abuse this power. There is also rebellions which may lead to death, violence, and chaos. I believe that humans are evil because of the abuse of power and from abusing power, and rebellion.

William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies shows that humans are evil through Jack. Jack at the beginning of this novel Jack was given power. Jack led the choir boys, then when there was another threat or leader Jack challenges him to get his power back. This split power of jack and Ralph caused tension throughout the novel. Jack was becoming
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For example, the corruption of power over slavery. Plantation owners back when slavery was legal were corrupt with power. The plantation owners would put their slaves in hard working conditions, hardly feed them, and abuse them. They would do this because they had power over people they believed were lesser than them. This shows human with power can become corrupt and treat people how they should not be treated.

Another example from history that supports Golding’s view that society is evil is through rebellion. There was a rebellion once called the Boxer Rebellion. This rebellion is when the chinese rebelled against americans. This rebellion shows how rebellion can lead to mass chaos. During the boxer rebellion 22,500 people died. This rebellion caused in people wanting to murder one another for the purpose of being a rebel and having higher power.

Humans can chose between good or evil. Evil though is in the heart of almost every person. We as people will abuse power. When we have power over anyone we may have them do our work for us or treat them for less than what they are. Every person has that rebel inside of them and when they bring it out no good comes, during that time, people may die, or lives may be
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