The Island Of Dr Moreau Analysis

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In the novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau, by H.G. Wells, the abuse of power, the religious references and/or the pretending of God is shown from Moreau towards the beast people and it has influenced his thinking of how power and strength is used. Throughout the book, we see how Moreau’s power is abusive towards the beast people by the actions they do or the things they say. Dr. Moreau is a man that abuses his power wrongfully and in the end he had brought his own consequences upon himself. The beast people think he is a God because he created all of them, taught them how to walk, talk, eat, and do just about anything a human can do. Unfortunately all animals find a way to revert back to their primitive ways and that’s where he was wrong. Dr.…show more content…
Moreau talks about religious beliefs and states “‘Then I am a religious man, Prendick [...] I have seen more of the ways of this world’s Maker than you - for I have sought his laws, in my way’” (55). I can tell you right now that Moreau is not a religious man, even though he says he is. Yes, he ‘sought out his ways,’ but notice how the author italicized ‘my.’ This shows just how much power he thinks he has by seeing the Lord’s way and then using that power on the animals to hurt them. Dr. Moreau then says “‘And I tell you, pleasure and pain have nothing to do with heaven and hell’” (55). In my opinion, I think that heaven and hell do deal with pleasure and pain. Pain is for those who sinned and they then go to hell, yet everyone is forgiven by the Lord Jesus Christ and is saved so they therefore go to heaven where there is pleasure and peace. Pleasure and pain are things that us humans take away from life and it continues as we go to heaven where all of that pain we used to have is then gone and pleasure only remains by the love of the Lord. My question for Moreau would then be, why say that you are a religious man when you don’t think that pleasure and pain is connected to heaven and hell? It takes a true Christian to know God, his love and what he has done for us humans, while Moreau knows
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