Abuse Of Ray Rice By Greg Hardy

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Power. The need or feeling of being of control, a common theme of those associated with these narcissistic culprits, which often drives abusers to take advantage of their innocent significant others. Not just causing physical harm, but also mental and emotional harm. Sinners are located within the same circle but are in separate levels of that circle. Offenders are between the end of circle seven, the violent, and the beginning of the eighth circle, fraud. Levels vary from the severity of the atrocity, those who feel remorse are not as badly punished and those that believed they are absolved suffer more maltreatment. In the end, the most severe abusers get their comeuppance, therefore, punishments may deviate from the original sanction. …show more content…

Another incident also occurred involving another NFL player, Ray Rice. Although the same offense was committed, hitting their girlfriends, there is still a significant difference between the people and the punishment. The punishment for domestic violence differs between people who feel remorse for what they have done, Ray Rice, and those who do not feel any sympathy and deny that they have done any wrongdoing, Greg Hardy. Ray Rice is more recognized because of a video, that Thirty Mile Zone put out in the public eye, of Rice knocking out his fiancee. Since his attack on his now wife Janay Palmer, Rice has taken counseling and now spends time educating teenagers on how things can change in a blink of an eye. ”I am dealing with a lifelong penalty”, Ray has said in a recent interview that he truly feels sorrowful about his past actions. The polar opposite of Ray Rice is Greg Hardy, Hardy continues to deny that he abused his former girlfriend despite photos of abominable bruises. In spite of numerous bruises and pictures, Hardy does not even believe the pictures of bruises are real. Hardy also said that he had “never put his hand on any woman” or threatened Nicole Holder’s life. Significant differences between the abuser’s feelings, and significant differences between the …show more content…

103-105.) Dante starts to grow throughout his journey and this was a major milestone for him because he stops feeling compassion for the wrongdoers and their punishment. For those convicted of domestic violence, Dante would have conflicting feelings for those involved, because this is an in-between stage, and would also have some concern for those that feel guilty. However, Dante would have no tolerance for those who deny any wrongdoing. To justify his feelings, Dante would seek out if the sinners have any qualms and if they are truly sorry for being abusive, or if they are just sorry because they are being punished. Based on Dante’s previous comments, this category fits in perfectly because Dante goes throughout a change in this book, at first, Dante would faint over punishments, but later on, Dante believes that some of the punishments are just. In Canto XVIII, Dante does not even grimace about punishments that sinners undergo over just “ordinary” fraud, and in Canto XV Dante says, “This is marvelous!” (24), when seeing someone familiar in Hell. In an earlier Canto XIII, Dante feels compassion when saying, “...so much pity takes my heart.” (84) Dante’s statements clarify that he has mixed feelings based on punishments in Inferno, and grows throughout the book. Dante, forgiving to a point and yet unsympathetic at times, would be in the middle of deciding if the punishment is

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