Abusive Parents And Child Neglect Essay

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1. The major issues related to abusive parents and child neglect is that it can harm the members in the family. Abusive parents can abuse the child physically, sexually, and emotional. Physical abuse can be hurting, injuring, drowning or poisoning someone. Sexual abuse can be direct or indirect sexual exploitation or corruption that involves the children involved in inappropriate sexual activities. Emotional abuse can be rejecting the child multiple times, humiliating the child and denying that the individual(s) is even a human being. The child can be abused in multiple ways. Child neglect is when the parents ignore the child completely; there is not love, stimulation, nourishment or warmth in their relationship together. Neglect can also include not allowing the child to become educated or giving the child medical attention when it is needed. Neglect and abuse can affect the way the child develops; it can lead to them not being developmentally on track as the rest of the children and can change their outlook about the future. It is not uncommon for the children who are abused or neglected to be in a foster care. 2. The characteristics of abusive parents are that they do not realize…show more content…
Some interventions that can help the parents control their abusive behavior are medical care, counseling, psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, mediation, support groups, crisis hotline, child care, parenting education and temporary foster care for the children. Not every program teaches the parents the same thing, some focus on the parent’s attitudes and relationships while other focus on finding ways to prevent the abusive behavior from occurring. Researchers do not know exactly how effective these programs are. If the parents are in two different programs it may help them more than if they just go to one. The effects of child abuse have long time impacts on the child, it can make them question the way to parent children of their own and make them not have dreams or
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