Abusive Relationships

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It seems that in our society, the complexity of leaving an abusive relationship is completely underacknowleded; we underestimate or almost mock these psychological traps disguised as love set by these type of abusers, a trap that millions of women have been entrapped in each year. Most seem to think this abuse to be something that happens in a very sudden manner, but that’s not true. To put it in layman 's terms: if you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out, right? So instead you put the frog in warm water and gradually turn up the heat until the water is boiling, then the frog will remain there until it dies. That’s pretty much synopsis of an abusive relationship in simplest terms. But to understand this in further details, we must…show more content…
If the victim forgives the violent ‘mishap’, the abusive cycle will begin to be established: major abuse occurs → the reconciliation (i.e. abuser apologizes, denies the abuse occurred, or blames it on the victim while the victim generally creates excuses) → the calm (i.e. abuser promises to stop or acts like the abuse never occurred, there’s pause, and/or victim begins to get hopeful that the abuse has ended) → the tensions rise (i.e. abuser will become angrier, victim will begin to tiptoe around that anger and try to console them, and/or minor abuse occurs) → major abuse occurs. As this cycle progresses, the abuse will gradually become more intense and the period of reconciliation will become…show more content…
This is something we don’t hear much about. Outside of the victim’s denial and Stockholm Syndrome-like mentality, the very root of this matter seems to be fear, especially since leaving an abuser is extremely dangerous for the victim. This all ties back to the final stage of domestic abuse: killing the victim. Over 70% domestic violence cases resulting in murder, occur after the victim ends, or attempts to end, the relationship. Though the other outcomes might be long-term stalking and a constant barrage of harassments and threats. With these consequences in mind, the victim might even consider it safer to remain in the abusive
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