Abyei Case Study

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I. Abyei, an area in the border part of North and South Sudan. The conflict here is that, the Abyei claimed by both North and South Sudan, more than 50 years of conflict until now. They believed that Abyei is part of South Sudan since the declaration of its 1965 independence. It’s also considered as part of Abyei District known before as West Kordofan, now South Kordofan of Northern part of South Sudan. It happened for the past centuries that the inhabitants of Abyei was from Ngok Dinka, Dinka group from South Sudan. Ngok Dinka from South was transferred to North by the 1905 British colonial administration for the protections from barbaric raids. The Messiria, Arab nomadic people and from Sudan also, happened to be inhabitants of Abyei during dry seasons before.…show more content…
The conflict turns into many destructions and effects, like conflict with ethnic people that led mass killing of Ngok Dinka, their cultural, citizenship, and linguistic claims, the security or violence and freedom of its citizens, and the possible wealth that they have. The 1972 Addis Ababa Agreement that ended the first civil war turned to be failure prior to rebellion that led to its Second Sudanese Civil War of 1983 to 2005 were it devastated the Abyei, and more attacks from both group increase continuously. Both group are claiming the Abyei as a part of them, one reason of it is the abundant oil resources that could be favorable to its economy. For the long term peace, it will need more years to finally solve since the actions that they create are not agreeable on both

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