Ac425 Unit 5

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Mission Statement
Team 5 will work together to accomplish needed assignments for MG425, Managing Through Leadership. Team 5 will collaborate with the necessary resources to accomplish our set task. Team 5 will use available technology for research, discussion and final submission of assignments. We will maintain focus, work diligently, stay professional and assist each other with respect. Team 5 won’t just focus on assignments for this course but we hope to obtain a better understanding of leadership and the objectives of the course that will help us succeed in the workplace.

Roles, Responsilbities, and Duties
Each team member has the responsibility of fully participating, engaging in group discussions, giving his or her opinion, acting in a professional manner, and working to meet the common goals of the team.

Each member shall be assigned a specific role and will be responsible to
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Conflict is when there is a serious disagreement or clash amongst individuals and conflict resolution is when there is a process to solve this conflict in a peaceful manner. When there is a conflict that arises in our group we plan to always have a resolution.
Some of the ways, we will deal with conflict are as follows:
• We will appoint someone who will facilitate all the meetings. This person will call the meeting to order, go over what we discussed in our previous meeting, facilitate the questions and make sure we stay with the task on hand.
• When a conflict does arise, we will be respectful of each other and their opinions. This means we will give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion. We will not interrupt anyone or downplay anyone’s views.
• Once the resolution has taken place, we will not hold on to grudges or take anything personal. Once something is solved in a previous meeting, we will not bring it up in later meetings or talk with other group members separately about
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