Academic Accomplishment Essay

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Academic Accomplishment

A great academic accomplishment to for me in high school was passing the AP U.S. History exam during my junior year. I am proud of this achievement because I was one of the only for out of about 35 kids that passed the exam. I studied very hard two months before the test and I am glad to say that it really payed off. Passing the exam also, in a way, gave me confidence because I thought I had no chance in passing the exam. Since only four people passed the exam, we got the chance to see the well-known musical “Hamilton”. Words that Describe Me

Creative: I try to be as creative as possible when it comes to schoolwork, but I also like being creative with personal things, like painting or doing arts and crafts. Whenever
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For example, reading to elementary school kids, passing out water at marathons or making blankets for homeless people.
Link Crew: I was a link crew leader for the freshman orientation. I helped them get to know the school and feel more comfortable.
CSF: I kept my GPA up and I completed 10 hours of community service in school and 10 hours of community service outside of school in one semester
Service Learning: For my service learning project I did the Malala fund. My advisory class gathered clothes every week and at the end we sent it out, where it would be sold and part of the money would help fund new schools so girls could get an education. Most Important School Activities Link Crew is a really important activity to me because the freshman orientation is most likely the first time they see the school, so link crew leaders have to give a good impression of the school. It is also important because we try to make the freshman feel as comfortable as possible because it can be scary going into high school.
CSF was also an important school activity because it challenged me. It was difficult doing the 10 hours of volunteering in school because I had to stay after school on days I had a lot of
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