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Academic Bowl Greetings! I am Priscilla Pires, a seventh grader at the Brackman Middle School. I am aiming to earn a spot on the Academic Bowl team this year, and I appreciate you taking your time to read and interpret my essay. One reason why I would like to be on this team is because I want to push myself further this year. I want to really test out my knowledge, and to learn more. I believe I am capable of being a mediocre member, as I was in Academic Bowl in fifth grade. I didn’t try out last year, because I didn’t have hope that I could make it. This year, I just want a clean slate, and to really be successful. Another reason why I want to be in the Academic Bowl this year is because I want to represent Barnegat, and be proud of who…show more content…
That year I had only gotten one B, and the rest were all straight A’s. This year, I am in algebra and Level One ILA as well. My stronger point in my whole knowledge is my math skills and my memory. I can memorize countless information, in fact, in fifth grade I made an Academic Bowl Quizlet which had over 150 terms! I studied every day, and I had recently tested myself on it and got a 76% overall, which I was impressed of remembering. I hope this can show you that I am above the average level and can be an important part of this team. This is my year of change. I want to motivate others to represent our town and be proud of it. Academic Bowl meant so much to me back then, and it still does now. I still regret my decision to not try, because if I put in the effort, I could have became someone new. Someone better. Being on this team, this family, will make me feel good about myself, it will press on me to persevere and to carry on. It will push me, to test my knowledge, to really help me advance. Even though I may not make it, an attempt is worth it. Knowing that I tried, that I did something in an effort, it truly comforts me. At the end of the day, I’d greatly admire a spot on the Academic Bowl Team, since my capabilities are (in my opinion) on par. Thank you so very much for taking your time to read this, and I will be happy no matter what your decision is for
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