Academic Cheating Among Students

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With the advancement of new technology being ever present and growing, so is the ever present problem of cheating with students. The issue with academic dishonesty and cheating among young adults in the education systems has become intolerable due to the access of technology and lack of ethics that the students have in this day and age.
Many people try to justify or understand why students cheat but they do not understand, so they just implement what they believe instead of asking the students first hand. A survey done by Charles Sturt University and Jenny Wilkinson found out that 67% of administrators believe that students cheat because the think they are lazy and unlikely to be caught and 65% think they are unknowingly cheating, while 73% of students said that they cheat because of the pressures to get better grades and 56% say that the cause for cheating is the stress of to much assignments at one time (Wilkinson). From the time students start going to school they learn that grades are most important above all things and that can drive some to take drastic measures like cheating to get the grades that make parents
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Charles Sturt University in there survey found out that only 57% of students have read the University Student Academic Misconduct statement (Wilkinson). With over half of the student body not knowing what could happen to them if they violate the statement, students do not see how big and terrible cheating actually is. Schools should have the consequences for academic dishonesty more available and open so that students will be lessinclinded to cheat and participate in academic misconduct because they would know the repercussions to their actions. The advancements of technology is leading students to academic dishonesty because of how easy access is to
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