Academic Cheating College Student Epidemic

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Statistics show that cheating within the past decade has skyrocketed in education. According to the Academic Cheating Fact Sheet authorized by the Educational Testing Service, 20 percent of college students admitted to cheating in high school during the 1940’s, but today between 75 to 98 percent of college students surveyed admitted to cheating in high school. The drastic change suggests that cheating has almost become part of the high school and college experience, which everyone does it and it is now a social norm. In fact, most people won’t believe a person who said they never once cheated in high school due to the insane pressure to be well rounded and maintain a high GPA, which transfers into college life too. To be deviant is to turn…show more content…
It is frowned upon by many in academic institutions, not just from the faculty but from the students as well. Those who earn their grades honestly feel as if they are not getting the full satisfaction they deserve from working their butts off to get the grade they earned. On every campus cheating is considered breaking a law, which makes it a social standard that everyone needs to follow or else face the consequences. Yet according to the “Cheating College Student Epidemic” article, when an anonymous survey was put up about cheating, 60% of the people who admitted to cheating said that they were never caught. They realized that they did something wrong but yet were never forced to pay the consequence so it just seems like a part of the academic experience to them. They believe that they are above the standard and get away with it since there are so many ways to get away with cheating in today’s society. From wearing Apple watches that could be disguised as normal watches and have the answers on them to printing out the answers on a water bottle as the nutrition label and bringing that to class, many students have gone out of their way to ensure a good grade on an exam or quiz. Even though it is deviant according to academic standards doesn’t mean that it isn’t the norm of an everyday college
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