Advanced Academic Class Reflection

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Throughout the course of this trimester I have learned many things from the AAA Advanced Academic class, such as college readiness and some skills that are necessary to be able to make college a little easier on myself mentally. Some goals that I had to make throughout this course was being able to manage my time more efficiently, being able to have a mental mindset of being able to do good in college and to have personal responsibility with my assignments. Going into college I feel ready and have a strong mindset because of the skills I have picked up this trimester in this class. Throughout this course I have picked up on different skills that will help me out in my college career, such as growth mindset and emotional intelligence. On…show more content…
What I learned about ethnicity is that people from all over the world are still basically the same to me and I would treat anyone with respect not because it is mandatory but it’s the way raised and nowadays people just see things about different countries and only hear what the media has to say and not what a person of that race has to say. In October of 2017 I had a little side discussion side discussion with Professor Harris about how President Trump was discussing to the press about how people from out of the United States are coming here just to be terrorist and to just ignore the law and sell drugs and kidnap people but Trump was mainly aiming it at Mexicans. The way that this helped me this trimester was by being able to see that not to listen to everything you hear especially when its on tv and also when i’m in college lecture and there’s people from all over the world I will not portray people from what I hear everywhere. The way that this will stick with me not only through school but when I have a job and am working for a company for example if a man from a foreign country was to be working with me and I hear bad things about him I wouldn’t bat an eye I would just ignore all the things said about him still try to get to know
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