Academic Dishonesty In College

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The digital age has changed student ethics dramatically due to the ease of accessing information for classes and exams. Technology is becoming known as a simple way to participate in academic dishonesty from inside the classroom, outside the classroom, and in online courses. Technology increases the ease of plagiarism and academic dishonesty in a in all types of college courses because of the pressure and stress put on students in today's society in order to succeed in life. Students have been cheating for many years and this has been known, but technology has increased academic dishonesty immensely. There are many reasons for academic dishonesty such as being lazy, tired, indifferent, and “...because of the pressure to succeed…” (Chace 24)…show more content…
Once academic dishonesty hits a college it does not take long for it to spread around the campus. Students will feel more inclined to attempt to participate in academic dishonesty by either plagiarism or looking up answers to an exam on the internet. When students begin to do these things and then proceed to tell their friends what they are doing the friend more than likely will feel inclined to try this. Academic dishonesty is becoming a crisis in colleges all over the United States ( Chace 22). Academic dishonesty becoming a crisis is frightening to colleges around the United States due to the ease of access to many different ways that a student can participate in academic dishonesty. Faculty are not doing enough to even begin to put a stop to the crisis of academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty not only affects students and school culture, but also can have long term societal effects.
Academic dishonesty can cause many long term societal effects in the workplace and in the school itself. When someone has been participating academic dishonesty for a long time it can cause them to cheat in the workplace in many different ways. People can not only lack on the work they must perform at work or while counting the money drawer for example. Academic dishonesty not only affects the person participating in it but also can affect everyone around them. Academic dishonesty affects students, school culture, and can cause long term societal

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