Academic Honesty Statement: The Cheesecake Factory

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BUS 2103 Operations Management Academic Honesty Statement In producing this project, I/We have followed the academic honesty requirements as specified by HCT’s Academic Honesty Policy I have read and understood the above instructions and confirm that all of the material contained in this assessed task is my or our own work or is appropriately sourced. I understand that the penalty for cheating is dismissal from the HCT. The Cheesecake Factory Done by: Abbas Adnan Abdulla Abdulkarim Introduction: In order to succeed in any business we have to be aware of operations management. It is considered as the most important part of the company; it is the part which is responsible for producing goods and providing services. After all, operating…show more content…
The level of demand management system that cheesecake factory uses to introduce either promotions, pricing or discounts is one of their strong points. By forecasting they are capable of placing their promotions at the right time, as well with globalization. The cheesecake factory serves alcoholic’s however not here in the UAE. They are able to calculate the amount of sales that are increased for the specific item by placing it in a separate brochure and be able to determine the success rate of them item in the long run by placing it into the menu. The cheesecake factory has an optimal level quality control because of the kitchen manager. Now this is an intriguing part, the kitchen manager’s job is to evaluate food. The benefit of this is when the portions of the food are standardized it will be automated. With this they are able to determine the amount of food being using in each dish thus being able to calculate the cost. They are not only able to control the quality of the food but also standardize the food which is crucial to the business. Now with this inspection or evaluating system that cheesecake factory uses is not everything is inspected to specify the only inspect so much that they don’t either slow themselves or over inspect. By inspecting only the finished products and the raw materials, this type of inspection occurs more often offsite than an on-site inspection. Next, there is the system of using…show more content…
This includes the demand of the designed product, which dictates the volumes that will need to be produced per given duration of time (Swift, & Booker, 2003). Apart from the costing factor, the sustainability of the process is a major factor in The Cheesecake Factory. This is the factor that relates to corporate social responsibility of the organization in production, which is an important tool for customer appeal. The process must be developed in such a way that environmental pollution is minimized (Swift, & Booker, 2003). Similarly, the process must be one that significantly conserves energy and other natural resources, such as water (Swift, & Booker, 2003). In process development, The Cheesecake Factory must ensure that some of the processes are recyclable and self-sustaining (Swift, & Booker, 2003). For instance, heat exchangers are systems used in the process that aids the recycling use of water for both heating and cooling purposes. Moreover, process development takes into consideration the technological advancements in the given area of production. This helps in ensuring that the developed product goes in line with what the customer demands, leading to increased sales (Stevenson, 2011). Similarly, technology aids in automation, which leads to development of processes that require little human labor, which increases profits by cutting production costs

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