Why Are Honor Codes Important

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You’re sitting in class and your teacher begins to handout a test that you forgot about. How bad could it be just to glance at someone else’s paper next to you? Many people use resources such as people, the internet, and more things that should not be used in most school situations, almost regularly to get through their school career. Because of habitual cheating, honor codes are implemented in many different schools. Honor codes are sets of rules that are put in place to keep students honorable while going throughout their academic career. The difference between people who cheat and people who don’t is their character. While they can be seen as just another set of rules to follow, there should be an academic honor code implemented in all schools. This honor code will help students in the long run , give students and teachers comfort , and keep people’s character in check . An important reason that an academic honor code should be implemented is because will help out students in the long run of their career. Some may say that they can pass without getting “extra help” when it comes to tests or assignments, but numbers show that the use of unauthorized help is growing rapidly. In 1993, 64% of students had admitted to cheating on one or more instances…show more content…
Academic honor codes have been known to be beneficial to many people who had to follow one throughout their education career. Honor codes also give comfort to teachers and students who are constantly surrounded by people who may try to use their work as their own. Another reason honor codes are important is because they grow people’s character as they begin to make the rules their habits throughout their daily life. So next time you think about glancing over at someone's paper, stop and think about what may come from doing this. Resist the temptation and know that the grade you will get is a grade you

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