The Importance Of Academic Integrity Essay

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Freshman English
Section K: Poghosyan Ani
Synthesis Essay-Draft
Liberal arts education provides people with the opportunity to have a wide range of knowledge and reach academic integrity on their own. Academic integrity means acting honestly in your academic papers and completing your assignments independently and always citing your sources of information. Honesty is the key concept of achieving academic integrity. The liberal arts education encourages academic integrity in a variety of ways such as making people independent in learning, honest in their academic life and skillful.
First of all, liberal arts education teaches people how to learn. Basically, this means that we are the masters of our mind and we decide what to learn and what to
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Academic dishonesty is the opposite action of integrity which leads to plagiarizing and cheating. The results of the academic dishonesty could be very displeasing and could reach even to expelling from the university (Grasgreen, 2012). The consequences of plagiarism could appear not only during academic years but also after the graduation and in the work field.It is important making the choice of not plagiarizing and doing your personal work and actively lead the effort. It is the liberal arts education that gives the idea of how to create own assigned projects and papers. Integrity itself means being honest, trustworthy and fair firstly with yourself and therefore, with the community of the university (The center for academic integrity, 2015). Students should value the education that they are getting and use it as a source of new knowledge and not use it only for passing exams or graduating university. Wallace suggests that the liberal arts education teaches us how to think appropriately and be fair and honest. Both components of the integrity require the courage to challenge the actions of others and ensure academic integrity

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