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Rory McConnachie Student number: 14007569 Academic Literacy Assignment 1 Question 1 1, 1. Extract 1, Managing Innovation and Change in the Pharmaceutical industry (adapted from uses formal diction as extract 1s, purpose is to give out factual information example, “some 15 or 20 years ago, biotechnology, which was heavily dependent on advances in molecular biology and pharmaceuticals which was predominantly based on microbiology and chemistry.” (Paragraph 1, adapted from Extract one also uses less punctuation and longer sentences as it’s only uses full stops and comas, this is portrayed as a more formal document.…show more content…
There are different learning styles which a learner can use to study specific material. There is a visual, auditory, read/write and kinaesthetic learning styles. The visual learner, learners study information through silent reading, from written instructions, pictures or charts and graphs. Visual learners take all information through seeing and understanding what is displayed. Auditory learners take in and understand information through listening to a cd, a group discussion or debate and through memorization of the information discussed. Reading and writing is commonly used, reading and writing is reading a text, understanding it then writing and summarising that information into paragraphs, lists and main bullet points. A kinaesthetic learner will learner and understand information through debate, discussions and through demonstrations. A kinaesthetic learner is a visual and auditory learner mixed together. 2,2. The learning style I use, I believe is a more reading and writing style, because I have always written down or summarised what I have read from a text book or notes given out. Once summarised I will read it and study from the information I have written down. I believe reading and writing is my learning style because understanding information through paraphrasing and summaries is easier for me rather than listening to a discussion as I have trouble listening and concentrating for a long period of time. 2,3. I agree with the results given to me by the VARK test.…show more content…
Deep learning is learning new information and ideas in depth, or looking into the information further, rather than finding the meaning and then moving on. Surface learning is different to deep learning, surface learning is a more casual or brief approach. Surface learning is learning the information and trying to store that information without any connections to anything else and then moving onto the next new idea. Deep learning and surface learning both have characteristics, deep learning characteristics are making connections from different pieces of information and linking it together, looking for a deeper meaning, and interacting or discussing the new information learnt. Surface learning characteristics are taking in information from each section and making no connection between each section, not discussing information and seeing as work taken in purely as information learnt for an exam and nothing else.

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