Essay On Self Control In College Students

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Researchers, psychologist and counselors conduct lot of research to understand and assist the stress of college students. Increasing complex situations and demands in the academic and non academic necessitates an understanding on how students perceive and experience their roles. People assume that male and female experience differences due to biological reasons and these differences existed overtime and among cultures. To understand gender differences, it is essential to study beyond biological determinants (Davidson Katz 1991). College students feel stress due to exams, fear of failure, decrease in self esteem and less time spent in leisure activity (Northem, O.Brien and Goetz 2001). Academic stress among the students is due to many assignments,…show more content…
(Duckworth & Allred 2012) found that the student academic performance increases due to self control. So the teachers help students to improve self control. (William James 1899) Teachers have to teach the students to control attention and to replace bad habits with good ones. (Turner & Piquero 2002) argue that self control get vary over time. Level of self control is determined by the way by which parents socialize their children (Gottfredson and Hirschi 1990). Many researchers state that measuring self control is a problematic one. Self control can be measured in two ways cognitive/behavioral and bond type revision (Cretacci 2009). Self control can be get replenish by taking rest, meditation and positive emotions helps to replenish self control (Twenge & Baumeister 2002). Self control is reduced due to emotional and physiological constructs such as negative emotions, fatigue (Gailliot & Baumeister 2007). Self control gets reduced among the people under stress (Heatherton & Tice 1994). (Oaten & Cheng 2005) found that exam stress among the students moderate the effect of self control. (Battaglini, Tirgle 2005) found that students with high self control can able to interact with their peers which help to increase talented friends among

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