Academic Success In University Students

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Academic success is said to be an objective that every intellectual entity that enters varsity life wishes to acquire. This piece of writing here pursues to address the issue of discussion which is in relation to the third question that reads; “discuss the factors which are related to academic success in university students.” This essay here elaborates and justifies some of the key factors that contribute to accessing the success of varsity students in an academic sense.
Academic success may entail achieving or accomplishing an objective set in an intellectual or scholastic field of concentration that is, completing a course or area of study in an educational institute. Kuh et al. (2006), In York, Gibson, Rankin (2015)states that;“...student
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An intellect has to set particular objectives of which they are to accomplish in relation to achieving academic success. In this case, Goal setting may be simply portrayed as appointing an Ends meet for an individual to accomplish and achieve so as to reach a point of fulfillment.Experts on the goal setting theory have established that the average intellect has to have a point of which they would want to arrive at in an academic atmosphere; be it acquiring a degree or a diploma in the area or field of study they may be studying, or after acquiring the qualification of which they may be studying for to use as a stepping stone towards achieving a different ambition. An example; an intellect may choose to apply in an academic field to be a lawyer but having a greater ambition of becoming a musician. After doing so and acquiring the necessary qualifications to be a lawyer, that individual may use their current prerequisites to help sustain them as they try taking on their ultimate ambition; which is trying to make a living off of being a musician. Goal setting is proposed to help an intellect develop a sense of meticulousness in the academic state enabling a better chance of achieving academic success for the individual is certain about…show more content…
Time management refers to governing, tallying and allotting time judiciously towards several tasks with a proposed plan of achieving lucrative and capable production. “Time management is the ability to manage time using a range of skills, tools and techniques to effectively manage tasks, projects, goals and schedules. Time management is a skill and can be taught either in a classroom or through books and courses which when mastered can result in a person accomplishing more, accomplishing more in less time and making time for new projects and tasks or eliminating unessential ones”, (Management skills advisor, N.d). An academic scholar of a university standard is said to require a well structured layout or plan on dividing time wisely. This ideology is thought to be accurate as it is required that a graduate student needs to divide their time equally and accurately for each and every academic task handed out to them ensuring that tasks are completed and well on time. For a an academic student to do so a guideline or time table is formed to help keep track of tasks appointed to them. Following this plan or time table gives way to self-composure and confidence when getting academic tasks done. Less exertion and pressure on a scholar veers in terms of diminishing the actual strain of the task as a more strategic manner of dealing with the assignment is undertaken, as a result the chances of achieving and accomplishing academically are

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