Academic Success Plan

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My plan for academic success

My plan for academic success is to graduate high school, go to college and then become a nuclear engineer or a professional athlete. I also believe it is important that I find a job that makes me happy, a job that I like doing and enjoy. For the next three semesters graduating high school will have the most importance to me. Then of course I would go to college after high school to help further my education and help prepare me to be more successful in life. Then to the real world with a job in a form of engineering, which I have planned for since high school.
Graduating high school is my number one goal to achieve to help in the process of my academic success. Being a high school graduate opens up a new world of
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Not only do I want to go to college, but, I want to graduate from college as well. College has its upsides and downsides, but in the end it will be all worth it to me. To go to a college of my choosing depends on how well I do in high school. The main reason I want to go to college is to extend my education past high school so I become well educated for a career that i want to go into. But you do not simply go to college just for more school, you go for the experience of a school not quite like high school but also not like the real world.
I will have a wide variety of options in college, depending on whether or not I go to college for a academic scholarship, sports scholarship, or just paying for everything myself. I would not want to go to college strictly for a job, I would play sports in college as well. Not only do I have the hopes of being and engineer, I also have the desire to be a professional athlete. Lots of people believe that you have to have a big important job and things like that. I personally believe that I would be much happier about being a professional athlete than I would be having a regular
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I believe that finding a job that makes you happy is the most important thing that has to do with success. I also believe that college is not for everyone, due to the fact that some people can’t afford it or just simply don’t want to go to college. Most people who do not go to college end up getting average everyday jobs that will always be needed, such as: roofers, carpenters, stone masons, construction workers and lots more. However lots of people choose jobs for things they are good at and love to do because it makes them happy. Although that is true with most people, my prefered occupation would be one in the field of engineering. Engineering is my prefered field because i like to design and build, come up with ideas that would help further the world's technological progression or just satisfy my
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