Academic Writing Process

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Writes follow their own writing process and often the process is a routine that comes naturally not a step by step guide writers refer to. To prevent struggling with a particular piece of writing, writers use basic steps to towards creating a particular essay. Academic writing is a continuous processs which involves different steps such as pre-writing, drafting, reviewing and publishing rather than a linear step.
For most students drafting a particular essay is a painful process and if not planned will result in a mess. Organising and planning of work is the important tool in academic writing. Richards (2002) states that experienced writers plan what there are going to write, this done before starting writing. Planning is a distinctive thinking
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The main aim is to identify the purpose and audience of the question and write a statement that expresses the main idea of the topic, which allows you to tackle the question from every angle. In the first place you have to consider the purpose of the writing since this affects the whole topic and which audience are targeted as this influence not just the shape of the writing but also choice of language.
Anything which involves identifying information you need before drafting a writing is the pre-writing process. This is the first step in the writing process which involves the gathering information about the topic in concern. This include brainstorming, thinking, taking, freewriting and questions. Brainstorming is a process of generating creative ideas through intensive and freewheeling group discussion. Brown (2001) argues that brainstorming is a essential technique in writing which permits one to have an open
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Many people find it helpful to use a shape planner to organise their thoughts during this process. These ideas need to be coordinated to give a sense of direction. It involves piecing the puzzle together and this will allow the reader to understand and make follow up to the writer.
The second step of the writing process involves drafting. The drafting stage is the analysis of the pre-writing step, where the writer puts his/her thoughts into sentences and paragraphs. These sentences and paragraphs are mainly categorised into three components of the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction defines the key terms and elaborates the main arguments of the question. It should be interesting because it sets the stage for the rest of the draft. The body goes on to describe and explain the topic giving full details. These paragraphs can be written in many ways, depending on your purpose. However, each paragraph should have one point which supports the thesis statement. The conclusion gives the final judgement of the topics and give a evaluation. The purpose of a conclusion is to wrap up the piece of writing by connecting all of the related thoughts ideas. The last sentence should review the body paragraph, emphasize the point and/or thesis again, or prepare the reader for the next body
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