Acadian Cuisine Essay

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Arika Beard
HTY 368

Final: Acadian Cuisine

Within Acadian traditions breakfast is usually the largest meal of the day. For the Acadians breakfast is often pork and beans, homemade bread, and tea. They call it "déjeuner" even though in France that means lunch, which is the biggest meal of the day there. Lunch is called "dîner" and dinner is called “souper”.
The traditional dishes remain very popular with the Acadians; traditional foods such as Poutine Râpée is available at many fast food places now, and Pâté râpé can be ordered in restaurants as well. But other dishes such as, fricot with doughboys are still made at home.
Pork and beans are a favorite with the Acadians. Unlike how we do it here or with Boston Baked Beans, for
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Popular vegetables among the Acadians are potatoes, cabbages, turnips, beans, and peas. Most vegetables are simply boiled, except potatoes which are prepared in a variety of ways. Potatoes are even used in making some desserts. The preferred method of cooking among them is boiling or simmering.
The church influences much of the Acadian cuisine. The church calendar was very important; it also coincided with the Acadians agricultural year. On Christmas Eve, after Mass, Poutine Râpée is served for dinner. On Christmas Day they serve goose, and the meal after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is called “réveillon”. Other North American practices such as Christmas trees, Christmas cards, and presents have also been incorporated into an Acadian Christmas, including teaching children about Santa Claus, called "Père Noël."
On Epiphany, they hold large get togethers for singing, dancing, and card-playing. Pancakes are made at Candlemas. Lent was observed -- not many parties held during it. On Palm Sunday, they used cedar or pine branches instead of palms. The branches that were blessed were used to decorate and protect houses and fishing boats. On Easter Sunday, boiled eggs are traditionally served for
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