Champion Petfoods Case Study

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Looking at the Acana Dog Food Company:

Champion Petfoods is a Canadian, independent, specialty pet-food company. They make Acana and Origen pet food. The Champion Petfoods company was founded by Reinhard Muhlenfeld in 1985, and their head office is in Morinville, Alberta, Canada. From there, the products are shipped all over the world, including the United States, where they have a secondary office in Auburn, Kentucky.

Is Acana a good dog food? Absolutely!

Champion Petfoods is very proud of how they don’t outsource anything that relates to their pet food production. They tightly control all the source ingredients too. Many come from farms right in Alberta or British Columbia, and all the farmers use only sustainable production methods. That
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Biologically Appropriate™ food

2. Fresh meat technology

3. Natural flavor

4. Nutrient testing and validation


Acana doesn’t make a complimentary wet food line. Dogs naturally eat a diet that is 70 percent moisture. Our pets need to get the rest of that moisture from elsewhere in their diet or they’ll be dehydrated by dry food alone. That's hard on their bodies, and consumers might get the wrong message.

Acana Product Line:

Reviews on Acana dog food are enthusiastic. The best Acana dog food, in my opinion, is ACANA Regionals because not only are they made with 70 percent meat, half of it is fresh. The other half is dried for concentrated protein, so there's the best of both worlds! Between all the lines different offerings, these pet-food blends include a staggering number of meat and organ sources including:

Angus beef
Yorkshire pork
Wild, freshwater walleye, trout and pike
North Pacific herring, pilchard, Arrowtooth Flounder, Silver Hake and Redstripe Rockfish
Dry Dog Food Lines:

There are Acana recipes for all life stages, activity levels and sizes, including dry dog food for:

Small breed puppies
Large breed puppies
Puppies and junior dogs
Adult small breeds
Large breed
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That's what I’d continue to expect from a company's with this kind of rigorous testing at every stage of production. The fact that they control and manage everything, without outsourcing and even inspect the farms where ingredients come from, means that the company can insure top-quality from start to finish.

Another great thing about Acana’s testing procedures is that the products are only tested on their own pets, within the company, or on pets local to their community, not caged animals. All the tests are non-invasive too, just analyzing palatability, urine, stool and blood.

Acana Dog Food Reviews — My Final Thoughts:

Acana reviews are as positive as I’d expect them to be. As a consumer and pet lover, I really appreciate the care they take to develop recipes that promote health with natural, fresh ingredients. How they make their products shows that they care not only about cats and dogs, but about the animals used for meat and the planet as a whole.

So many pet foods are just marketed by a company. The company on the label doesn't really make it or have this kind of involvement with all their farmers and fishermen. There are real relationships here. This is how all food should be
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