Acc 542 Unit 2 Essay

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1. 31 counties, 2551652 is total 2010 population, Washington county in Arkansas has largest area of 956.1 square miles 2. New York has largest number of African Americans, District of Columbia (DC) has largest percen tage of African Americans 3. Middle Atlantic has 3014385 4. - FIPS code is the field that can use to join table with dating table. - The county name field is not work because the county name field have the different data type in both Dating table and US Counties table. - STATE_FIPS, CNTY_FIPS, FIPS are the number with different digit numbers, STATE_FIPS have 2 digits code and CNTY_FIPS have 3 digits code. The combination of STATE_FIPS following by CNTY_FIPS are FIPS. Or we can say shortly that FIPS have 5 digits number code are combination of STATE_FIPS and CNTY_FIPS. 5. 839 counties are lost population in the 20-year period from 1990-2010. 6. Three states of the most losing population and the number of losing population are following with the Texas = 76, Kansas = 68, and Nebraska = 63. 7.…show more content…
There are 5 states that have American and Eskimos more than 100,000 which are California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. There are 54 Demacratic representatives have to contact. 8. 11,982,767 live in state capital. Smallest: 8104. Largest: 1502129. Average: 239655. 9. Minnesota: 68.39% has the highest percentage of owner-occupied housing units. District of Columbia: 36.83% has the lowest percentage of owner-occupied housing units. 10. West North Central has largest number of 618 counties. Challenge Question Projected gross income for entire state is 10,847,121. There is a large cluster of high-income counties which are Dallas and Harris which might be a good place to establish

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