Accelerated Learning Program Analysis

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“The University of Chicago teaches not what to think, but how. In an atmosphere of free and open inquiry, students and professors debate, collaborate, and investigate, challenging assumptions—and one another—with field-advancing insights backed by rigorous study. This unique UChicago education transforms individuals, preparing and empowering them to make a positive impact on the world”. When I read that quote on UChicago’s website, it was clear to me that I had found my “college soulmate”. Prior to my epiphany, I had lacked enthusiasm about college as no school really seemed to understand me completely. When reading the quote, it seemed clear to me that the University of Chicago matches perfectly with what I envision my future being like and what I’ve been doing most of my life.

Ever since I was in fifth grade, I have been learning differently than most of my peers. In middle school I joined a program called ALPs (Accelerated Learning Program) which allowed my education to be more rigorous and personalized because of its smaller size. I had many unique learning experiences that challenged my creative
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This program was comparable with the “out of the box” thinking, however was geared more so towards applying my learning to the community. While impacting the community positively through projects, I worked on my leadership skills and how to effectively collaborate with people from all walks of life. Asking questions, giving feedback, analyzing primary documents, and presenting to others was common in Communities. Some projects that have really stuck with me over the years are when I interviewed war veterans to share their previously untold stories and creating an event to fundraise for iPads for students with Autism. Even after those projects, and various others I’ve done in Communities, I was still encouraged to continue to do amazing things in the
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