Acceptance In Alice Walker's Essay 'Everyday Use'

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Analytical Essay: “We, as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves.”
This quote is about things such as approval, cooperation or acknowledgement. But most importantly, acceptance. Acceptance is the act of being suitable to a person, place or thing. To have a contradiction between you and an individual and still preserve a decent relationship with that person. Even accept a communist burning the sacred and revered American flag, a defiant daughter leaving her mother’s household to discover a world she never knew existed and one man who enjoys the outdoors and doesn’t remain inside like the rest of his neighbors. I will use the passages that we read and studied in class to show how acceptance is a key component to bonds between one another.

Ronald J. Allen strongly believes that the American flag should be treated with utmost respect and that it is the best representation of the freedoms for American citizens. Furthermore, Ronald J. Allen speaks condescendingly towards people who would destroy and vandalize the American flag in any way. In his editorial essay he calls the protesters who burned the flag in the Texas v.
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The Dee’s mother who is known as, “Mama”, in the story attempts to understand and accept Dee for the path she has chosen, but doesn’t know how. Mama is poorly educated and doesn’t know much about anything outside of the south. Furthermore, Mama meets her Dee’s partner who is a muslim, however Mama doesn’t know what a muslim is. When he greeted Mama by saying the universal greeting by most muslims, “assalamualaikum”, she thought is was his name. Dee and Mama do not see eye to eye and have multiple differences between each other making a direct conflict. Additionally, Dee wanted
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