Acceptance In Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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The short story “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin is about a young man whom is struggling in life. The narrator, who is unnamed throughout the story, and Sonny’s older brother tells the readers in depth about his brothers battle. In the late 1900s during poverty and systematic oppression, many African Americans were subjected to one specific area in modern day known as Harlem. Not only is story about discrimination African Americans faced, it is about two brothers gaining a better understanding on each others lives. Baldwin demonstrates that acceptance over a family member’s decisions can strengthen the bond between two estranged brothers. After reading in the newspaper that his younger brother Sonny was incarcerated for possession and…show more content…
After the narrator goes with Sonny to the Jazz club, he meets Sonny’s friends and sees how they appreciate him and his music in a way he never did. He then begins to see the importance of music to his brother and makes a discovery about himself and Sonny. He listens to Sonny play and is delighted and starts to accept his brothers wanting to be a musician. The narrator realizes he was wrong to try and make Sonny change and he sees the power of Sonny’s blues as he is playing. The acceptance over Sonny’s dream not only strengthened their relationship, but also helped them gain a better understanding of each other. Overall, this piece shows that encouragement and judgement can have both positive and negative outcomes. The narrator is able to change his attitude on life, about himself and Sonny’s relationship, and most importantly Sonny’s choices by listening to the music his brother played and loved. Accepting Sonny’s blues opened the narrator’s mind to a better life with his brother because he learned that suffering and dread can be transformed to beautiful music and a loving bond between brothers that cannot be
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