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1. Explain how access to health services can influence the health of individuals (under environmental factors).
Environmental factors are determinants present in the surroundings in which people live and work that can affect their health in a positive or negative way. This can include many physical, chemical and biological conditions. There are many ideas that branch off this concept, which include access to health services, access to technology and geographic location. One very important factor that will be explored is access to health services, which refers to ones ability to access the heath care they need. Some examples of this are language barriers and geographic location. Both of these examples can have a positive and negative affect
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This consists of people who live rural (country) and city areas. Citizens of rural areas are most likely to be negatively impacted by their location as they have less work and job opportunities. This results in a lower income, reducing the amount of health care options/services they can afford. Therefore, they will not receive the health care they need and can have a detrimental affect on their health. Also, people in rural and isolated areas struggle to travel to hospitals as they are too far away, leading them to relying on services such as the Royal Flying Doctors Service and medical advice over the phone/internet. This makes self-treatment essential, which if not performed properly can negatively influence their health. All of these factors can lead to financial hardships and distress upon those in rural locations. Similarly, people in city locations can also suffer medically due to the higher cost of living. They may struggle to pay bills resulting in them having public health care. Due to the lack of hospital beds and long waiting periods, they will have an increase of pain and distress, resulting in a negative impact on their health. However, people in city locations do have more access to health services as they don’t have far to travel to reach the nearest hospital and have a vaster range of health care options (e.g. chiropractor, orthodontist, private health

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